The best DIY toy story party!!! 

I am so so so happy with how this all came together and turned out. I’m usually so hard on myself and so critical but this time I think I may have even impressed myself. So many hours go into these type of DIY parties. So just want you to be aware in case anyone wants to try it. The planning alone before you even do anything takes many hours. I gather my inspiration from the movie or show the party is centered around #1!!! I obsess over getting the details just right. I also often use pinterest of course, google, and instagram for ideas and inspiration and always put my own spin on things.

For this party I used the same peppa pig sky (see previous party blog) but I redid the clouds into the signature toy story clouds instead. I found a free stencil online through pinterest and my mother in law and I designed them. 

I swore these dogs were going to be the death of me but I refused to give up. They took 2 hours, many tries, and lots of frustration so be warned. They are just so darn cute though, yummy too, they were a huge hit! They are made of twix bar for the body, chocolate chips for the feet, a kiss for the head, candy eyes, tootsie rolls for the ears and eyes and black icing for the nose.

I could not get the head to stay attached so I did finally secure it with a toothpick and thats what I recommend. Of course as I did, let your guests know. 

I was surprised how easy it is to sculpt things out of tootsie rolls. Once I got the hang of the right size proportion the ears and tail were easy. I attached the eyes and ears with a little chocolate icing.

The food labels are absolutely adorable and made by the lovely small shop @sarahfinndesign which you can find on Instagram or etsy. She even added that awesome toy story font for me! 

The aliens are made of giant marshmallows, green melting chocolate, candy eyes, and decorative sticks. They were cheap, fun, and super quick and easy to make. Just melted the chocolate, covered marshmallows, then stuck on eyes.

The rock candy was from party city. Did anyone else love this as much as I did as a kid? It’s old school. I’ll be honest, none of the kids liked it. But I did hear a rumor they’re great in alcoholic drinks. Anyway, they sure we’re cute if you ask me.

 I also made Jessie’s lassos. I thought it would be easy but the pull and peel twizzlers actually weren’t nearly as flexible as I expected and once I molded them they didn’t want to stay put. Besides I kept worrying they looked like nooses…just me? Lol! They were also pretty quick easy and yummy.

Last but not least with the food, the cake was done by the incredibly talented @cakealicious as seen on tv, local here in williamsburg and can by found on Instagram as well. We simply added the buzz on top and I think it was perfect! Very rich and tasty too. 

For this party I came up with and handmade the games as well. They were seriously so much fun! My favorite games was “theres a snake in my boot” super cute and as easy as I sounds. I borrowed boots and bought a pack of snakes off amazon. The kids stood back and tried to make it in the boots.

My mother in law (the same super talented one who made the infamous peppa house, see previous party blog) made the crane game from the movie. We made it as close to the real game in the movie as possible. It turned out awesome! She hand drew and cut the rocket, painted it with spray paint and attached the letters. She made the hole and attached a box to the back.

We used a claw from target. We filled the box with squishy balls and a plush jessie, buzz, and woody. The goal of the game was to get woody or buzz, just like the movie. I couldn’t find those dang alien’s anywhere! 

The third game was parachute army men, also found on amazon. They were dropped down to the stairs and trying to aim for the bullseye. The bullseye was cut out of cardboard and painted. 

We had prize boxes filled with neat toy story trinkets from party city. After each game you got to pick a prize and collect them in your party favor bag.

Some of my favorite parts of this party were the subtle decor touches. I tied army men to a fishing line like they were climbing just like the movie. I dangled the red barrel of monkeys from my bar. I set out Mr and Mrs potato head, and woody and buzz we already owned.

I made two different doorway entrances out of streamer. One was buzz lightyear and one was woody. 

We also got this giant buzz balloon from amazon the kids loved and had so much fun with. It’s much cheaper to order a ballon like this on amazon and pay party city to fill it with helium. 

Oh my goodness I almost forgot etch a sketch!!! I found these incredibly precious free etch a sketch printables from pinterest. I attached the little ones to pez containers that said “Thank you for coming” and each child got to choose one. There were also a couple more surprises in there goodie bags besides all the prizes they won and I thought that was a neat way to do it, everyone loved that.

The perfect party for my sweetest boy!!! Parties like this are such hard work!! But so worth it in the end, so special and rewarding. I sure hope you enjoyed this! I’m more then happy to respond to any questions or comments, you may leave them below. And I would love if you subscribe to the blog and follow us on instagram @sweetest_shiloh. I am so passionate about party planning!! It’s a creative artsy outlet I throughly enjoy and who knows, maybe I’ll make a bussiness out of it someday.

Thanks for reading!!! ❤❤❤


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