The Ultimate DIY peppa party!!!

My kids birthdays are super important and such a big deal to me. I go all out for every one, every year. What I may lack in finances I make up for in creativity, hard work and blood, sweat, and tears. This year my budget was extremely small and im quite proud of what I was able to pull off. I want to share in hopes others will find inspiration and be able to use some of my ideas to make their peppa parties as special as my girls was! Anyone can do it with my step by step guide.

The main center piece of the party was this area above. I got a large piece of cardboard and spray painted it blue. I was unsure of how it would turn out at first but pleasantly surprised at how well painted cardboard turns out, I did a few coats, of a good quality spray paint from lowes with primer. The clouds I drew freehand then cut out of scrapbook paper and attached with double sided tape, same with the sun. I tried to get it as close to the peppa sky as I possibly could.

I also free hand cut rain drops out of scrapbook paper, made them double sided, and hung them by fishing wire, tied to the ends of the peppa umbrella I bought at party city for the effect below. Of course during the party it was centered. 

The green table cloth was picked to give a grass type effect, the plates, hats, napkins were punched from party city. All the extra peppa plushes and figurines you see all through out the pictures are from her collection she already owned so that worked out nice. I thought the rain boots were a cute touch, she already owned those as well so things with no extra cost is great. The pinwheels were  a bit of a splurge I couldnt resist, you can decide a couple things to splurge on, its totally okay. It absolutely completed the look for me, was the perfect finishing touch and is something I will save and reuse in the future. The pinwheels garland was handmade from a small shop on instagram called @muffinbubdolls 

The cute food labels were also purchased from a small shop on instagram called @sarahfinndesign they were so well made and super easy for me, all I had to do was print them out. She even let me customize my characters because I can be a little bit weird about all party details being accurate to the show/movie. Anyone who loves peppa as much as my kids do will appreciate grampy rabbits love for cheese.

The pig noses were a cute and super simple thing the kids got a kick out of. I simply cut out and painted egg cartons. Hole punched and and glued on the nostrils and hole punched and tied a ribbon to each side to be tied on the head of kids and adults for pictures and fun. Another thing I like to do is make Shiloh her own hashtag for her birthday each year and it’s a nice way to keep her memories organized and a fun way to share.

Im really kicking myself for not getting better pictures of these but I purchased brown felt in bulk from amazon and traced and cut out big and little muddy puddles. Non skid pads were then sewed to the bottom to prevent falls. I scattered them around my house so kids could jump in muddy puddles.

This is quick, cheap, simple and always a huge hit, just tape strips of streamer to the door way for kids to run through.

The activities were very simple since my daughters only 2, homemade playdough and peppa cookie cutters from etsy were so much fun!

For the very first time this year I tried a ballon drop. The drop bag itself was from party city and a huge disappoint as far as design and practicality are concerned. The ballons I bought in bulk on amazon, I bought 50, they arrived with holes and paint stains and we’re extremely weak, we only ended up with maybe 25 the day of the party. We did blow them up with an air compressor which saved a lot of time and effort.

The kids loved it, so that’s all that matters in the end. All I can say is be prepared that some things will fail, out of your control, so don’t save anything until the last minute.

The absolute hands down best part of the party was our life size peppa house! Which I can take no credit for but I had such a good team. My mother and father in law constructed it (a few times until it was just right) out of cardboard, heavily reinforced with lots of duct tape. 

The house was definitely a labor of love, definitely the hardest part. We wanted it as accurate to peppa sky house as possible. As well as big enough for her and her brothers to actually play in and most importantly durable. 

Everything is made of paper, hand cut, including the grass, isn’t my mother in law amazing? It took hours. But came out so perfect! 

The peppa characters themselves are a wall sticker we found online.

The house was everyones favorite part and something the kids still play with daily. It’s all made from cardboard, paper, double sided tape, talent, patience and love.

The cake was another splurge, so worth it! I’m good with snacks and candy and all those handmade things but terrible at cakes. Weve never gotten this fancy of a cake before but im sure glad we did. It was from Cakealious. Very cute and yummy!

Shilohs special birthday outfit is from @brassrazoo who you can find on Instagram. I found is second hand for an amazing price and always wanted one so I was super thrilled when I found it. Her floral crown was custom made to match by the incredibly sweet and talented small shop @thefloweredfawn on instagram who I love so much!

That sums it up! It’s something I absolutely love doing and sharing. I’m more then happy to answer questions or comments. If there’s much interest in this I have previous parties im happy to share like my son’s cowboy party, my daughters hollywood party, and even, the hardest one I’ve ever had to pull off the dirty jobs party. Up next week is my son’s Toy Story party which I’m currently working on. Wish me luck. Thanks for stopping by!!


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