Introductions part 2 (The clown)

My second boy, Caleb, is our class clown. He is absolutely hilarious. He has me laughing all day everyday. I never have a clue what’s to come out of his mouth next, and I love that about him. He reminds us to enjoy life, dont take it too seriously. He is so darn cute, he still has that babyface. 

Hes my sweet little cuddle bug, total mamas boy. Hes fearless, adventurous, spontaneous, and bold. He almost never makes a straight face or normal smile for photos and I adore that!

His birth wasnt all happy, unfortunately it triggered my husband over the edge in mental illness. His first year of life was pure hell for our family as mental illness tends to be, I will explain that in detail later. The important thing to know about Caleb though is he is the most resilient, positive kid. He is the light of my life, I wouldn’t have made it through without him. One of my favorite things about Caleb is his speech. I dont know how to explain it, he clearly had some sort of delay and continues to work with speech therapists. I find it to be the most adorable, endearing thing. One day he will talk right and I will be a little sad. I love him just the way he is.

He suffers greatly from sensory processing disorder. It is a part of every second of every day of our lives. Noise bothers him, clothes bother him,tags bother him, socks bother him, pillows and sheets bother him, every kind of shoes you can think of bothers him. Hes extra sensitive to smells, heat, cold. Hes an extremely picky eater. He gets car sick every car ride and doesn’t enjoy any motion like others kids do, amusement park rides, swings, etc. Yes it is as heart breaking as it sounds. 

He is enrolled in the bright beginnings program and it has helped a great deal. If only I could take it all away for him, so he could enjoy life freely, with not a care in the world like the other kids. Dont worry about sweet Caleb though, nothing can get him down. He will do big things in life, and he will bring everyone he comes in contact with great joy as he goes. Thank you Caleb for being exsactly who you are and loving me so deeply and unconditionally. You will always be mamas boy.


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