Hell fire and brimstone

20160810_083325Pretty sure ive heard that somewhere before. Thats what happened when I became an atheist. Kidding. Nothing happened and thats what my first blog is about. I didnt research, seek out, or even choose atheism its just something that happened to me. Same way I didnt choose poverty, mood and mental disorders, post pardum depression, sensory needs, or even parenthood. (All things I will discuss often in this blog. Although thats all still only a tiny part of my life and makes this blog sound very depressing and I promise you it will not be.) These things choose me for whatever reason. They make me and my family who we are and although theres so much more to us these things do shape us and I refuse to be ashamed.  I thought it would be this huge life changing event but it wasnt even close. I think its because were brainwashed to be so fearful of becoming nonbelievers and being damned to eternal hell. Juries still out as to whether or not thats the end result. Again, kidding. But I just want to say I think religion or lack there of is as okay to question and explore as anything else is. I cant pinpoint an exsact moment when I stopped believing. I know theres been a series of traumatic and unfortunate life events that probably paved the way. It hasnt changed anything. Good things still happen to us. Bad things still happen to us. Some days are happy, some days are sad, some days are hard, some days are harder, just as it always was. I still do the right thing. I still parent the exsact same way. I love and accept everything and everyone far more then ever before and thats refreshing and feels good. I dont let such petty things work me up and I am no longer obsessed with sin. Im overall less judgementental, more positive, and more free then ever. It feels good. Its something pretty new for us. I havent had any huge life changing discussion with my kids, truth is, I have no idea how. I dont want to effect their decision and right to free thinking in religion and what to believe or not believe any more then I dont want to sway them in anything in life. I happen to think there are much more important things in this life for me to model and teach them about. Such as compassion, empathy, acceptance. This is my first time discussing any of this “out loud” I have no idea why its so terrifying but I feel like it just may help others. You can believe or not believe anything you want in this life. The decision is yours.


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